I. Прочитайте и проанализируйте аргументы, поясняющие следующие утверждения. Какие бы аргументы выдвинули вы? Обратите внимание на вводные слова.

1. Immigration. A strong immigration program is necessary in Australia. Firstly, the population is too small for sustained economic growth. Moreover, immigrants bring in new skills that can help the country develop.

2. Smoking. Smoking should be banned in restaurants and pubs. Firstly, it will help people to give up this unhealthy habit. Secondly, non-smoking patrons of these establishments should be able to breathe fresh air.

3. Freeways. The government should build more freeways instead of public transport. Firstly, it keeps traffic off residential streets. In addition, it increases the speed of journeys across town, especially for trucks.

4. Public Transport. The government should build more public transport instead of freeways. Firstly, it provides cheap transport to people who can't afford cars. Furthermore, it is better for the environment because it produces less air pollution.

II. Нередко в качестве слова-связки между основным утверждением и пояснением к нему используется “in fact” или “indeed”. Подберите соответствующие пояснения (правая колонка) к утверждениям, приведенным в левой колонке. Запишите их себе в тетрадь, используя “in fact” или “indeed”.

Having a balanced diet is considered to be very important for a person's health.

Unemployment in Footscray is a very big problem.

The Liberal Party today is a very successful political party.

4 Smoking is a very serious health problem in Australia.

3 Australia has a very poor record in providing for the health needs of Aboriginal people.

Unemployment in Australia remains a very big social problem.

Many people think Melbourne is a very good city to live in.

General Statement

Specific / Detailed Statement

They suffer much higher rates of disease and infant mortality and much lower rates of life expectancy than other Australians.

It holds power federally and in five of the six states.

c It accounts for a very high number of hospital admissions and creates a burden on our health care system.

d It was the busiest port in the world at the time.

In the early 1990's an international panel judged it to be the world's most liveable city.

It has one of the highest rates of unemployment in the country.

It is arguably the single most important factor in determining good health.

It is probably the biggest single problem facing Australian society today.

In the middle of the nineteenth century the port of Melbourne was very busy.

1. The environment is the most important issue of the world today.

2. Many people believe that the Internet is the most revolutionary new invention of the last century.

3. Parents have a greater influence on their children’s future success than schools do.

4. People should not work too hard - they should remember the importance of leisure activities.

5. According to many critics, television does more harm than good.

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Источник: Саливон А.Б., Рева Н.И.. ГОТОВИМСЯ К СДАЧЕ ЭКЗАМЕНА IELTS: Writing Essays: учебно-методическое пособие. - Владивосток: Изд-во ВГУЭС, 2008. - 70 с.. 2008

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